A simple Blockchain electronic notary

A simple Blockchain electronic notary

DOCPROOF.ORG - A simple Blockchain electronic notary

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Drag and drop your document in this box.
The file will NOT be uploaded - Cryptographic proof is calculated client-side.
About your document proof
Your document's hash :
Was included in the Bitcoin blockchain, on :
Into the block number :
Number of confirmations (block depth) :
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The integration time is approximately 10 '
Transaction id :
Detailed output of the transaction :

This evidence was recorded into the blockchain,
you can retrieve it via many external websites, with :
You can track the integration process through the following external websites:
Last hash Status Date
- : Not yet included, : Just included, : Inclusion in progress, : Validate (depth>6)

Safe and anonymous

Your documents are not uploaded, only the hash will be integrated into the blockchain. Nous ne pouvons voir vos documents, ni même vous connaître.

Unfalsifiable proof

The hash function used is SHA256. Nowadays, it is considered unfalsifiable. Nobody is able to provide a document generating the same hash as your file.

Quick and easy

Submit a file is trivial. A simple drag & drop is enough. Registration requires blockchain in the transaction, which will be charged only few mBTC